What is yuzu?

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Yuzu is like no other citrus found in the West.

Yuzu is a small yellow citrus that carries hints of
lime, grapefruit and mandarin with floral
undertones. It has played a special role in
culinary traditions for centuries.

Yuzu is grown in small orchards off the southern
coasts of Korea and Japan. Their unique
microclimate, where annual temperatures span
from -5ºC to 30ºC, allows for the oil rich rind to

Our drinks are created using top grade yuzu juice
and yuzu oil extract. We never dilute our drinks with
other citrus juices or resort to using ‘natural’ yuzu
flavourings and powders.

Savour the unadulterated taste of yuzu.


Yuzu has an abundance of flavonoids that acts as powerful antioxidants.

It has been prized in the Far East for its health benefits for centuries.

There are two particular flavonoids, Hesperetin and Naringenin,

whose health benefits have been substantiated by scientific

research publications. Yuzu is a major source for both.


Studies show beneficial effects on blood circulation and inflammation



Studies show promotion of carbohydrate metabolism and modulation of the immune system

Based on USDA Database for the Flavonoid Content of Selected Foods. Release 3.1 (May 2014)

Our yuzu drinks

Mainline 6% raw yuzu juice

 Original Still


 + Pear Still

+ Pear

Mainline 6% raw yuzu juice

Yuzu Original Sparkling


Yuzu + Cucumber Sparkling

+ Cucumber

Yuzu + Ginger Sparkling

+ Ginger

Yuzu + Umé Sparkling

+ Umé

Sansu taster box

Sansu taster box

Unpasteurised raw yuzu juice

Unpasteurised raw yuzu juice

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